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Last Chance

Retreating from heartbreak, Lian takes refuge at a charming historic inn on the California coast, where she meets handsome Roman. A third-generation innkeeper, he’s fighting to hold on to his family’s legacy, but will his budding friendship with Lian be his salvation — or his undoing?

The Fool and the Magician

On the cusp of forty, Angela Lam consults with a tarot reader for career advice and receives the following prediction: she will find a new job and, while there, she will meet a man who will heal her heart. Already married with children, Angela tells her husband who is unconcerned about what the cards reveal. But when the prediction threatens to manifest, will Angela’s family fall apart?

No Amends

When a solo vehicle accident off Hangman's Bend results in the death of a mysterious stranger, Tang Young is crippled by writer's block and guilt she can't confess to anyone, especially not her live-in girlfriend, Layla. But once the stranger is identified, what other truths will be revealed?